About Us



The mission of “K9s for Vets” is simple:

  • Provide quality, trained service dogs to Veterans with disabilities at NO charge;
  • Educate the public and raise awareness regarding the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities;
  • Provide on-going support to the recipient to assure a successful working partnership.
  • Provide on-going support to the recipient to assure a successful working partnership.

Our mission is to assist Veterans who have suffered physically and mentally while protecting our freedom. The use of a Service Animal will help them gain independence and opportunities. We hope to see a society where disabled individuals are empowered to fully participate in social, educational, and occupational opportunities.

We make it our goal to:

Work towards our vision without a financial burden to those using our program.
Maintain the focus of our program as human services. The beneficiaries of our program are people with assistance dogs being the tool.
Use thoroughly tested and trained dogs as the vehicle to accomplish this mission and use humane techniques in doing so.
Provide information, referrals, and education to those in search of a service dog. Maintain a policy of equality without bias or prejudice.
Encourage membership and participation in organizations that augment our purpose and/or further the assistance dog industry.
At present, we are only focusing on Florida Veterans with long-term goals of assisting all fifty states. Of course, we will always adjust this for the occasion need of filling an emergency request anywhere.

Bio: Gregory Hall

I am a former United States Marine. I am disabled from the Viet Nam War. I was in Force Recon and also a Sniper. I have always loved working with animals and since our government will not furnish me with a Service Dog, I have trained my own. I have had several over the years.
There are over 300,000 service men and women returning from the Middle East with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The government is still in denial that a Service Dog, will and is needed by these veterans, despite the over whelming medical evidence to the contrary. I have once again taken on the burden of helping my returning brothers and sisters by training as many Service Dogs as I am able.
I do not get any pay for this and all Service Dogs are given to the veteran for free. I do this for the pleasure of seeing a smile on a veteran’s face because he or she can now go places they were afraid to go with PTSD holding them back. You don’t think a grown Marine can shed a tear, just stop over the next time I have a trained dog go home with his new partner, companion and forever buddy.